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Not getting projects completed on time, on budget, or within expectations? We can help.


Utilize the latest technology to beat your competition and have the right team to support it.


Provide meaningful career paths and feedback. Keep your best employees. Find superstars.

About phraCTO

Solving Your IT Problems

With over 20 years of IT experience, phraCTO provides pragmatic solutions to the problems that face your business.

Information Technology is one of the most important back-office tools in every modern business. Unfortunately priorities and budgets rarely reflect this reality.

Getting business value from IT is as much a science as it is an art to design, implement, and maintain the proper Information Technology Department that drives business value.

phraCTO services are rooted in Mentorship and team building. Most issues in IT Departments are directly related to people and communication. We provide Business Value to your Executive Team and we speak Geek to your IT Team.

Don’t pay high full-time salary, bonuses, and stock options when you only need a part time resource!