Looking for experienced leadership in your IT Department? Look no further.


Not getting projects completed on time, on budget, or within expectations? We can help.


Utilize the latest technology to beat your competition and have the right team to support it.


Provide meaningful career paths and feedback. Keep your best employees. Find superstars.

Solving Your IT Problems

Your Business Partner in the IT Department

Fractional CTO/CIO services will deliver full-time executive value at a fraction of the cost. Why pay the high full-time salary, bonuses, and stock options when you only need a part-time resource? Get pragmatic resolutions to the problems that face your business.

Information Technology is the most important back-office tool in every modern business. Unfortunately priorities, budgets, and in-house technical expertise rarely reflect this reality and most businesses and teams make do with what they have. phraCTO brings an uncanny ability and pragmatic approach to identifying and recommending solutions both to the IT Team as well as to the Executive Team to implement real business value additions to your organization.

Drive Business Value

Achieving the proper IT support is as much a science as it is an art to be able to design AND implement the proper Information Technology Department that drives business value. We are not an MSP. We do not install software agents on your systems to integrate into your environment and charge high monthly fees to manage your infrastructure. We are not a staffing firm. We do not send you unmanaged resources. What we do – work with your executive team to identify areas of improvement, develop plans, then execute those plans, with your staff, or ours.

Mentoring as a Leadership style

Our services are rooted in Mentorship and team building. Most issues in IT Departments are not technical but directly related to people and communication. Our passion for mentorship provides a compassionate approach. We have the hard conversations to provide actionable feedback, based a wealth of experience recruiting, hiring, promoting and mentoring IT professionals.