The most common issues we find – and how we fix them…

– Your IT team lacks operational or technical leadership, or both
– Mentoring as a Leadership Style – Coach your Executive Team and identify or recruit a leader for your IT department. Implement simple but powerful team processes, focusing on soft and technical skill development.

– Executives are not confident in their IT Teams’ ability to deliver
– Establish roles and responsibilities and clear lines of communication between the IT team and management, mentoring and coaching both Executives and the IT department.

– Projects are not getting completed or deployments fail or cause additional issues
– Utilizing years of Enterprise Architecture experience, establish the phraCTO PMx (Project Matrix) – a simple, pragmatic approach to project management, setting Expectations, defining Priorities and following a Plan – to get things done!

– Your organization is not satisfied with the level of technical support they are receiving.
– Establish Right-Sized industry standard IT Service Management policies and procedures without overburdening your organization with process, paperwork or unnecessary certification. 

– You are not sure if your IT department is headed in the right direction, has the right number of people, or recognize your need but don’t know where or how to improve.
– Identify existing competencies, opportunities for training, and lead recruiting of the right resources to fit your business needs. Our passion is people.

– You want IT to adapt to a changing business model, keep up with industry and competitors but they are struggling to do so, barely keeping the lights on.
– Utilizing deep experience across various industries, technologies, and architectures including cyber security and cloud computing – identify gaps in capabilities and recommend the right pathway to change IT to support your business needs.

– phraCTO has operational experience working with the following compliance frameworks:
– ISO 20000, 27001, ITIL
– NIST 800-171, CMMC